We go beyond FX to help your business grow

We go beyond FX to help your business grow

Because we’re built on the Earthport payment network, partnered with banks in over 65 countries, we can offer your business direct access to extensive currency capabilities, superior FX wholesale markets and competitive rates.

Combine that with the latest technology and on-demand access to our team of global business experts and you’ll see what makes our solutions superior to a conventional FX offering.

Cross-border payments

Cross-border payments

  • Access to the Earthport global payment network; the cross-border payment solution of choice for a long list of the world’s largest banks and ecommerce businesses, served direct to your business from the source.
  • Payment capability in more than 50 currencies and over 200 countries; an evolving service that responds to demand so you’ll only ever need one relationship to manage payments to your customers and suppliers globally.
Limitless opportunities

Limitless opportunities

  • Happy customers and quality service that scales globally; on time payments for on time goods to customers, we service payments that enable your business not constrain it.
  • Complete certainty on fees and settlement timing; we guarantee the amount you send is the amount that arrives and let you know when it’ll get there so your suppliers aren’t left wondering.
Tailor-made solutions

Tailor-made solutions

  • Expert advice on-demand; whether via our dynamic self-service platform or directly with one of our specialist client managers, you always have access to the advice you need, when and where you need it.
  • Proactive client management to ensure the solution evolves with your needs; as your business needs change we make sure the service we offer does too so you’re always getting the optimum solution.

Who we help

Global manufacturers

Global manufacturers

Importers and exporters

Importers and exporters

Travel and tourism companies

Travel and tourism companies

Discover our solutions

Why EarthportFX?

Whether you’re an importer, exporter or a company with suppliers in other countries, when you’re managing an international business you’ll have unique payment challenges that EarthportFX can help you solve.

Ten reasons customers choose us

  • 1

    The largest local payment capability


    A single trading account to manage

  • 3

    Complete transparency into fees and timing


    Superior service and on-demand expertise

  • 5

    Ability to proactively manage exposure


    Guarantee of no intermediary deductions

  • 7

    A sophisticated self-service platform


    Extensive and evolving currency capability

  • 9

    A tailored service, purpose built for business


    A single payment file to pay in all currencies

Discover the benefits of cross-border payments

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BaydonHill is now EarthportFX

Baydonhill is now EarthportFX

More than just a new name, EarthportFX is now powered by the Earthport payment network.

Used by leading banks and ecommerce businesses; Earthport’s global network offers direct local payment capability in over 60 countries and access to the latest global payments technology.

Still with the same expert service and extensive currency capabilities, see how we go beyond FX.